Chiropractic & Breech Babies


Over the last 14 years, many women have come to my office because of a breech presentation or a child in utero was NOT head down (vertex).  In the past, doctors and midwives have delivered babies who were breech, but due to regulations imposed on healthcare providers, most birth care workers will NOT deliver a child who is NOT head down or vertex.  When a baby is breech, the only option is a C-section. 


There are many techniques to help with breech babies including external version.  The most popular technique when a woman is breech is the chiropractic technique called the Webster Technique.


In 1978, Dr. Larry Webster, founder or the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA), developed a technique for the pregnant woman.  This technique works with the sacral subluxations that are present in many pregnant women.   The technique is utilized as early as 32 weeks and all the way until delivery.  The chiropractic adjustment helps balance the ligaments and muscles around the pelvis and the pelvis itself.  Once the constraint is removed, the baby usually moves into the best possible position for the child, which is usually head down.


The success rate is 80% +.  I have seen similar or better results in my own practice. 


Once the baby has turned to a head down or a vertex position, it is also important that the woman still receive chiropractic care to help ensure the baby remains vertex and that the pelvis is in proper alignment at delivery.

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