In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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"I had an amazing labor and delivery.  Dr. Will helped me get rid of my sciatica pain so that I could be more comfortable during pregnancy.  The best thing about Chiropractic was that everything aligned and I was able to have a great and short labor and delivery." --Jennifer


"Coming to this office is one of the highlights of my week. Dr. Will and his staff (and family) are awesome!!!"--E.B.


"After seeing Dr. Will I have less frequent leg pain, increased flexibility and range of motion and I sleep better.  I feel I have an improved mental outlook--less cranky and less complaining about pain.  I appreciate the warm and stress free office environment and the gentle caring personality of the Sonak Family."--N.W.


"My hip pain is totally gone-movement is back to normal. My Elbow is better.  My Overall outlook is better. I feel healthier and I’m able to do more."--L. S.


"My baby is like a whole new child. Dr. Will did a great job of breaking both our negative energy cycles. We are enjoying and loving our baby so much. Finally, she is feeling so much better, the results from the Chiropractic care are obvious.  Thank you so much Dr. Will I can’t tell you what a difference you have made in our lives, our baby feels so much better."--D. S.


"I have more energy, less pain, and don't have to take a lot of pain pills anymore."--D. M.


"I went to physical therapy, tried pain medications, steroid pills ...nothing worked!  I have no more pain, my posture has improved, and I fell that it has improved my overall health.  I can already see and feel the difference less than halfway through my intensive treatment period."--A. L.


"My acute pain was gone within a week and my ongoing discomfort is almost never present.  I have not been sick in months which I attribute to chiropractic care."--J. E.


"Because I was pregnant, my doctor could not prescribe any medication.  Within ONE visit, I was able to walk without pain.  Within 3 visits, I was able to resume all physical activity.  I am now 6 months pregnant and have been in chiropractic care for 3 months-- I haven't had any other physical issues!"--S.S.


"Increased mobility and confidence and I don't remember the last time I slept this well."--C. H.


"The pain was so bad I would get depressed.  Nothing helped except 3 to 4 days of rest and no activity, but the pain would soon return.  I could not sleep all night without tossing and turning.  I would wake up with pain like a bus hit me. ....I am now back on a regular exercise routine.  I do not have the intense pain I had before, my attitude about my life has really "positively" changed.  I have more energy and I sleep well at night.  I wake up each morning feeling like a normal healthy person again."--T. M.


"My back spasms are gone and I am able to stand up straight without hunching over.  I feel that my posture is improving as a result of the chiropractic treatments.  I could have never done this on my own!!  I have learned to continue chiropractic care for optimal health and well-being."--C. C.


"I started seeing Dr. Will in the second half of my pregnancy.  I went faithfully to all of my appointments.  But towards the end, I speculated to my husband that I wasn't sure I was gaining anything by going.  His response is that it MUST be doing something because I had not complained of back pain like I did with my first two pregnancies."--G. M.


"Chiropractic care has virtually eliminated my migraines, I have had very limited complications with pregnancy such as swelling, back pain, difficulty sleeping, and heartburn."--R. J.